Monday, October 5, 2009

i need more cowbell !

In the immortal words of Bruce Dickinson, "I need more cowbell!" Cowbells have long been a staple for fans of professional cycling. They make a great noise-maker to cheer on your favorite rider or team as they sprint to the finish.

At my age I don't think I'll ever ride in the Tour de France, or even the Tour of Missouri (but wouldn't that be a great story?), but I'd still like to hear the cowbells. There were cowbells at the finish line for the Copper Triangle in August, and I've got to tell you, it was a thrill.

I enjoyed the idea of a noise-maker to celebrate an accomplishment so much, that when I arrived at the summit of Slumgullion Pass on CRMBT, I found an empty plastic bottle, and a rock to hit it with to welcome the rest of my group.

At the final stage of the Tour of Missouri in Kansas City, I picked up a small cowbell provided by the KC Parks Department. I plan to have this on my bike during the next organized ride I get to do. I'm even looking into buying some extras to give to fellow riders and volunteers who display exceptional enthusiasm for the accomplishments of the participants.
I want to start a groundswell so that any time you ride a MS150, group century, or multi-day tour, you'll hear a cowbell along the way. I know that personally, a cowbell at the top of Mt. Evans would be a memory I would never forget. Who's with me? I need more cowbell!

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  1. The very first century I ever rode was basically flat, except around mile 80, there was a 3 mile stretch climbing about 2000 feet. I will never forget the three people near the top ringing their cowbells.
    I didn't know them, and I knew those bells were not really ment for me, but boy did I like that sound, and heck if I cared!!
    Ever since I love the sound of cowbells, and I am on board for more of it.