Monday, August 24, 2009

rest day

A few things from the rest day in Durango:

-Billy Jack. I think we actually first talked about it in Pagosa Springs, but expanded on the theme in Durango and beyond. Rick had never heard of it. It's the responsibility of those of us who were there to pass on these lessons to younger generations.

-Gypsy. The sweet old girl was such a gentle soul. I asked Jody if I could get a treat for her. After we found a place to check out the Animas river I stopped at City Market and had them cut up a small steak into bite-size pieces. Gypsy was pretty lethargic that day, but when I told her I had a treat for her she was very interested. She started eating out of her bowl, but was eating faster than I could get it out of the package, so she ended up eating out of my hand. I didn't know her well, but I felt honored to have met such a sweet, gentle creature.

-Cyprus Cafe. Alison and her team catered the tour this year and they were wonderful. Our group had only signed up for breakfasts, but had enjoyed the curry in Crede after a long day of riding. The things they prepared for dinner looked so good that we had to check out Alison's restaurant on our off day in Durango. We started with salads and an olive plate with several different types of olives in a fantastic oil. We were also served crusty bread in olive oil, and I would like that even with an average olive oil. This was something special!

While most of those at the table had pasta with shrimp, I ordered moussaka ravioli. It was like a Mediterranean tour on a plate. Wonderfully seasoned meat hinted of Greece, and the ravioli noodles and light sauce gave an Italian flair. For desert we had chocolate pot du creme, a kind of chocolate custard. When we raved to Alison the next day about our meal, she told me that Cyprus cafe had won a local food award for the moussaka ravioli. She also mentioned that the desert was so rich that it's often shared. Not at our table. Everyone had their own, and ate the whole thing. Mmmmm!

We were advised to get there early to be able to dine on the patio, and it was good advice. Sounds of live jazz filled the air, as well as the sounds of a vibrant downtown, as we sat near the stone bar at the back of the patio. It was a great meal, great service, and a relaxing end to our rest day in Durango.


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  2. *I meant great picture of the deer. oops=)

  3. I love the dear deer! :-)
    Even more so I enjoyed your 'Mediterranean tour on a plate'. You have yet another career as food writer ahead of you! The restaurant industry is my whole life and it is very nice to see the credit you gave to Allison and her team.

  4. I am not suprised to hear the dessert was not shared. It seems when we ride, we tend to eat more of what we want and not worry about. That can't be a bad thing, can it?