Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yesterday it rained, hailed, blew, thundered, and lightninged like crazy. The good news was I had to work anyway. The weather looked slightly better today, and drizzled half the morning. I got in a round of golf with some buddies nonetheless. When I got home I took my Trek to the LBS to have it checked over before the Bicycle Tour of Colorado. When I realized that it still wasn't raining, and early in the afternoon, I got out the Surly for a quick 25 miles.

It turns out that I do have this weekend off, and if the weather cooperates I should get a couple of decent rides in, not pushing too hard as I near BTC. One week from tomorrow I'll get up early and head west. A couple nights at Echo Lake Campground, with a short ride up Mt. Evans in between, then on to Glenwood Springs on Saturday to get checked-in and ready for the tour.
I've already started packing and re-packing to get everything I need in the smallest, lightest bags possible. I can tell I'm not the only one getting excited by the increased number of posts on the BTC rider forum. I can also tell that the 3 days I have to work next week are going to seem longer than they actually are. When I leave work on Wednesday, don't be dawdling in the parking lot.
I'm not taking a laptop, and I probably won't even touch a computer while I'm gone. But I will take lots of pictures along the way, and make lots of notes on what I did and what I saw each evening in camp. After Wednesday I won't post until I'm back home on the 28th, or the next day. But, I promise to share my excellent adventure with you if you'll check back with me. And tell your friends!


  1. have a wonderful journey! I know I am only one of many who are anxious to hear your reports and share in this great journey.
    Save travels,

  2. Yea, have a great trip. Looking forward to your photos and stories of your trip. I am jealous!

  3. Sounds like you're getting excited. Have you ridden that area before? I did the Rockies ride years ago and would love to get back out that direction for a tour. I'm looking forward to seeing pics and hearing about the trip!

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. I'm excited for you. Sounds like a great adventure. Have fun.

  5. TOB, I did CRMBT last year, first tour in CO. While I've enjoyed rides in the plains, and still will, the beauty and challenge of the mountains is special.

  6. Jeff,

    Like your blog! Good luck on your ride too!

    Also, coming to CO to film some rides for our DVD series. Like to get your thoughts.

    Web site:


  7. I am looking forward to reading and checking out the pictures...And I, like Big Oak and many others, wish I was riding with you.

  8. Agreed -- I've done a few states in the past bunch of years, but the mountains are a special place.